back at it!

Week 1 of restart was good! I personally stuck to my plan very well. i eat a ketogenic diet, so the biggest issue I had this time was trying to keep my fat on the lower side and my fat a little higher. I was very surprised that some days my carbs were over 30, I ty to keep mine at 20. I didn’t experience the dreaded keto flu this time, but I was sick with the upper respiratory virus, so that was no fun. My blood sugar stayed pretty stable all week , that s a plus. And I also did lose 6 lbs! Now that is good although I gained 9 after my surgery, so it’s coming back off.

I discovered a new blog site called peace+love+low carb, shes amazing and I love her recipes. I tried her recipe white cheddar and sausage biscuits, and can I say these were terrific. I doubled the recipe and ended up with 24! I’m in heaven now!! So check  out her website she offers lots of recipes and advise. i will include the link to her page.

Lets make this next week fabulous! Stay healthy, and fight strong.


Happy New Year 2016


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My dear friends HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I wanted to start off the New Year by writing and letting you know what has been happening with my journey. 2015 has been an interesting year, to say the least. I had been on a roller coaster of sorts with my weight. I would eat according to my plan, and not lose at all. And then at times I would get so discouraged and just dive head first into chocolate!! All the while knowing I was only making my insulin resistance worse. Am I the only one who does things, knowing it’s not getting any better but that I am making it worse? Well maybe I am.

In any event, I buckled down and started follow macros based on science from dr’s. Phiney and Volek. They are the Dr’s who wrote the book The Art and Science of Low carbohydrate Living. I joined a group on Facebook called optimal ketogenic living. I read everything and then started to apply the theories  to me. I started to lose but very very slowly. I then went to my dr’s and told her what was going on. After I got this year’s blood work back indicating that my A1C had gone up, it was 5.6 now it was 5.9, I knew that more was wrong. It’s kind of funny or sad whichever your thought is, that I was told I was fine. But you see the daily average blood sugar of A1C of 5.9 is 133, which is not a normal blood sugar. SO thank goodness my doctor listened to me and sent me to an endocrinologist, where the test began!!!!
After a few month of testing the endo, said my thyroid was enlarged and inflamed, viola!!! It’s trying to build a goiter! Yep pretty huh? AH nope! I like this guy, although he wanted to upload pictures of my enlarged goiter on Facebook. (He was teasing) He agreed that there is no prediabetes that I was just not diagnosed yet, that my insulin resistance needed to be fixed and we needed to calm down this thyroid.
So the next course of treatment, thyroid meds! Ugh more meds, what is a girl to do? Well fix it! that’s what I’m to do!  He wanted me to stay very strict on my diet, he said the way I eat with is a ketogenic diet was an excellent choice, an if I don’t start losing by the time I see him in February, he will put me on a med to specifically hit my insulin resistance.
So fast forward to November. My Prince Charming and I went on vacation, no I did not totally eat like everyone else, but I did gain  only 5 lbs.! This is actually very good for me, as I usually gain 10-15. It took me exactly 2 weeks to drop that. Prior to going on vacation I actually had lost 18 lbs.!! My diet and thyroid meds seemed to actually be working!!. Now also I’m premenopausal and it’s been a real pain! But I feel that my meds have kicked menopause into high gear, as of right now I have a lot more hot flashes, and my period has stopped! YAY ME!!!
December comes and on the 14th I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Let me tell you this, I hate surgery, it terrifies me but the worse part was I got so sick from the anesthetic that all I could eat for 5 days was crackers and chicken noodle soup!.
So of course being the devoted person I am I fell face first into everything that I am not supposed to eat! Yep that’s right, I have not been following my own advice, and boy have I paid for it. I feel ill, bloated and icky, and I am now up to 209! Go me…..
BUT this is a new day and a new year and a new  life. I have recommitted to being healthy, taking back my health and healing my body before anything else crazy wants to happen. I started a fb page called confused and gassy, sound familiar?!! This is the last time to stop and start; oh i may fall, but I will not fail. I am following the same macros as I did that seemed to help me before derailing. I have plans for this year, one of which is to reverse my diabetes and end my meds for that. My son is getting married in May and I plan not to be the fat mom there, I plan to be the healthy mom there! My competition is within myself!
I was reading this morning in Genesis where God gave us the food to enjoy and for nourishment, I totally believe that He has given us the materials to heal ourselves, of course with His help!
I plan on doing a lot more writing this year, so I am  hoping I can achieve this also. Please feel free to participate with us and to let us help support you in your drive to be healthy. My prince charming is on this adventure with me, which gives me extra strength.
So here’s to a wonderful and healthy 2016!!!

Hey I’m still here!


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Yes people, I am still here.
Let me just say this has been a crazy year! I graduated from college, go me!!!I also have to update you on the grandkids, we now have 6!! Our newest one was born May 21st, 7 weeks early! But she’s doing great!! The grace of God!! Her name is Lydia Ann, and of course like the others she is beautiful! Takes after her Meme!!
I have been trying to figure out why my weight loss has stalled. Yes I have cheated and said” I just don’t care anymore”. But over all especially since I got back from vacation in June, I have stuck with it! I have gone up and down the same 5 lbs. I eventually went to the Dr. and had tests run. Over all I am healthy, except they did find that I am insulin resistant. What that means is that everything I eat turns to sugar and then my body won’t use the insulin like it should. In other words pre-diabetic. So that makes it harder to lose wight, plus place premenopause on top of that and WOW!!! crazy types of hormones going on inside.
Now I don’t know if any of you have done any bio-hacking on your own body but that is what I am up to now.
I have said there is not a “one size fits all diet,” and that is what I am trying to find what helps me. Until I get my blood sugars regulated, it will be a battle. Heck it may still be a battle. But this is my life and I totally believe I can cure this with food! SO I am now embarking on doing a Ketogenic diet. Which is high fat, to keep me satisfied, and low carb, so I don’t spike the blood sugar, plus moderate protein, not too much so it doesn’t turn to sugar, but enough where I am healthy.
Yes it’s hard figuring out how much to eat and when. I eat only when I am hungry; One of the hardest things to do I have found, is to stop eating when your are satisfied. Sometimes food just taste sooooo good! That in itself can become a problem. I have also started walking, I try to go at least 3 days a week, 2-3 miles a day. I would prefer 5 days, because darn it I just feel better when I walk!
Also some exciting news for me is that I was on the great Jimmy Moore’s podcast, Low carb conversations! Jimmy is a friend of mine, and being on his show was an honor. While I’m at it, may I just say his new book Keto Clarity is fantastic! I will be doing a review of it soon and I’d recommend it to everyone!!
Another news flash, I am in school again! Yes I know, but hey I love it! This time its to finishing my culinary degree. Maybe just maybe people then will believe what I say about nutrition!
Well my peeps its been real fun, writing again and I plan to do it more often. I do apologize that if you’ve been waiting for me to do this and just got tired of waiting! Life does get in the way!!
Remember eat real food, and take care of this temple you have, God only gave you one!
Much love!

Time to change


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Have you ever felt like a failure and a fraud? Well I do. I have learned so much this last year about nutrition and the role it plays on our body; how food can heal or hurt us. Yet as I have learned I preached the good news of this lifestyle, and yet at the end of a 90 day challenge, I caved. Yes that’s what I said, I caved. You see I was also in culinary school, taking two advanced classes and I did my very best to cook recipes that I know worked with the lifestyle that I had embarked upon, I still was at the mercy of what the teachers would allow me to cook. It was very difficult to cook these foods and not taste them, so weekly it became a struggle. When the time had finally come for us to do our final cooking project, of course what I had to make was not totally in my plan. I was only 2 weeks from completing the 90 day challenge, when this class was also due. I caved! As I said earlier, I tasted the food I was serving to make sure it was prepared correctly. But I did not stop there I tasted everyone else too! I felt as though, I had just jumped of the preverbal cliff!
Now I could have just started over the next day, which is what I tell everyone who says they, have “fallen off the wagon,” to do, and I indeed had the desire to. One little thing here and one little thing there crept in, Next thing you know I’m eating sugars, pasta, breads, rice, all sort of stuff that I do not eat normally. I preach that these things are bad for your body, and even though I have indulged I still believe this.
I sat down and started writing how I have been feeling since eating “normal”. It’s not been good. I have pains and stomach issues, I can’t sleep well and all sort of stuff I will spare you the details of. But tonight, I hit a wall, I had ice cream, and then I felt horrible, hot, sick, flushed. I decided to take my blood sugar (no I am not a diabetic) shall we say it was not good. I guess I am well on my way to becoming one! And for what? To eat foods, which I use to love, that make me feel horrible and that zap my energy. I am damaging my body so I can have an eggnog latte! Really! What insanity pill did I take?
Now I know you must be saying, just cut down my portions, moderation, everything is good in moderation! Nope I don’t think so, would you tell a drug addict that they could have a moderate amount of drugs? No you wouldn’t and so you shouldn’t tell me either. No I am not a fanatic, well maybe my family would say I am I just have to go all the way or no way at all. I have to get my life in order to get my health back on track, before I do permanent damage.
I am sharing this with you, because I feel confession is needed and being honest is who I am! I don’t want to be that girl that says one thing but does another. I know there are so many of us out there that we start and stop out “diets”, and fail. And we will continue to fail until we realize this is not a DIET! It is a way of life! Food will heal as well as hurt; I am going to make it work for me instead of against me. I wanted to share with you my struggle, confess if you will where I have been. In less than 2 weeks, I went from feeling great to ughhh! I won’t even get on the scale right now, as it will cause me to totally break down.
Today starts a new day, out with the past 2 weeks and in with the rest of my life. I don’t want to forget how I felt, so that is why I wrote it down. Those that forget the past will repeat the past. Will I still struggle at times? Sure I will, but this time, I’m the priority, I matter and I will ask for help. I belong to two support groups on face book; 90 Day Low Carb Challenge and Vinnie Tortorich No Sugar No Grains. These groups have terrific people that are all trying to get their bodies healthy and they are so willing to help others, I just let my pride and what I felt was my failure from asking for help. NO MORE!!! In exactly one month is my birthday, I am going to turn this around and feel so much better by my birthday! It’s a new year and a time to make new beginnings. I am not waiting till New Year’s Day to make this, because it’s not a resolution, it’s a determination!
Thank you for listening, and sharing with me my journey, my struggles, and my hopes. Please decide for yourself that you are worth making the change, that you can do this and that you can help heal your body. As always I am here for you!
Cool Beans my peeps!

Do you miss Italian food?


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Yes I know that’s a duh question, but it needed to be asked. I know that I do, when I gave up grains, all sorts of grains, in other words ALL grains, I gave up my spaghetti, lasagna and pizza. I thought I would never survive, but guess what where there is a will there a way is! Now enters Sarah Fragoso, with Everyday Paleo around the world, Italian cooking. So I bought this book with the hopes that I would not be disappointed, and you guessed it I wasn’t! I have made a few of her recipes and loved them all. What I enjoyed about this book was how very simple they were to follow. Some have a lot to do, but she writes them in such a way that even the novice cook can follow. I had made the Lasagna recipe and my pickiest child who doesn’t like any vegetables except salad and green beans ate to huge helpings!! I’d say that was a great endorsement! The pictures in this book are also amazing; you could almost smell the pages! This is a definite keeper in the Prim kitchen! If you don’t eat grains or even if you do, don’t miss out on this book, you should have it in your cook book library. Well worth the cost, but more importantly well worth the wait to have gotten this book! My preverbal hat is off to you Mrs. Fragosa, and I cannot wait for your next book! Keep them coming!

My Personal Review of Fitness Confidential, Vinnie Tortorich and Dean Lorey


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How many of you have bought book after book for weight loss, hoping that this would be the one? I know that I have a book case full of them. I had begun listening to a podcast called America’s Angriest Trainer with a gentleman called Vinnie Tortorich and his co-host Anna Vocino. This Vinnie is known as the go to guy in Hollywood for getting those beautiful bodies that we see on the screen in shape. So I was intrigued, while listening he talked about his book that he had been writing with his friend Dean Lorey. Who just so happens to have been the writer/producer for Arrested Development, My Wife and Kids and also Major Payne. Impressive to say the least, so when their book came out I decided to get yet another new book on weight loss! What I got surprised me, not only is it not just a weight loss book, but Vinnie becomes your trainer. He takes you thru the side of the weight loss community that isn’t pretty. He tells you the tricks of the “health clubs”. The rackets that are there who just want to take your money and your hopes and flush them. This book is not like any other weight loss book you have purchased; he takes the time to tell you where he came from and what has brought him to this point in his life. Now if you are looking for the next “10 ways to lose 10 pounds” this is not that. His message is so simple that you have to reread it a couple of times and say, “is that it?” How can a concept of NSNG which stands for No Sugar No Grains, really be the answer. Try it out and see, but as for me it works. Yes this book has no recipes, no real do this don’t do that, magic pill, but it really is that simple to just give up sugar and grains. He also tells you the basics in exercise, and even gives you a link for his you tube videos on what to do. This book shows a passion in this man that he wants to help those who struggle with getting healthy. And yes I did say passion! You need a passion for something that you believe in, to be able to convince people how to change their lives. Vinnie’s personal stories had we laughing, blushing and crying! I can honestly say this is the last “weight loss” book that I will ever buy! This is definitely the most important book to own and learn from a man who had you on his mind when he wrote this. Dean Lorey expert writing skills is so evident in the way this books flows from chapter to the next. You will not be disappointed in the style of the book or the content. I hope to someday meet this man and thank him for how he has changed my life. Do your body a favor and buy this book, listen to his podcast and proceed to “put life into living, and do it with enthusiasm!

Hey Y’all


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How has life been treating you? I am trying to get back in the swing of things. School started for my youngest daughter, she is now a senior in high school! I’m happy for her but sad for me as she is my last baby! I am also starting back up with classes; I hope to graduate this next May with at least one of my two degrees that I am working on. I also have been going strong on this way of eating. I haven’t knowingly had any sugar or grains for a good while. I have had at times some potato. But my biggest thing that I have tried differently is to up my fat intake. I am dropping back on the amount of protein that I eat and adding more fat. The result of that is I am not very hungry most of the time, and my stomach has flattened out! Yes I did say that! I also put on a pair of capris the other day that I could in no way come close to closing at the beginning of summer I was able to close them! They were tight, but I got those suckers on! It again goes to show us all, don’t be a slave to the scale! Fat loss comes in many different signs, so we need to recognize that.
Again I was reminded when I shared this way of eating, that it really is a way of life! The person I spoke with just kept telling me they need to “diet” and I was telling her it was so much more. You have to realize there are some foods that certain people cannot eat! I am by far healthier and feel much better not being bogged down with sugar and grains. You need to find what works for you and then do it! Don’t bounce from one “weight loss” gimmick to the next you will jack up your body, I have! It is taking me a long time to get it healthy, it’s a long process. Do what I do READ!!! And listen and research, that is what I do. Probably at times to much! LOL!!
My goal now is to get my exercise dialed. Tomorrow I am going to start to get up a half hour earlier, time to have a cup of coffee with heavy whipping cream, read my bible then go for a walk, while the weather is still nice. Then I can come back, shower and head to work. Know I started my day off right. First with my God, then getting my energy and fat burning started. To be healthy is to focus on all aspects of who you are. I believe that is your mind body and soul! To me the most important is the soul, and then the other two tied! Take the time to spend with God before you start your day, then get some workout time in, and nutrition. Please don’t forget to manage your stress! That is a killer in itself! My prayer time helps a lot with that. Also get a good deal of sleep your body needs to repair itself and rejuvenate.
Look at what’s really important in your life, fix what you can, and don’t give up. Getting healthy takes time, after years of abusing our bodies. Much love to you all!

OMG!!!! I got to meet…..


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Well it certainty has been a while since I’ve written anything down here, although I have written many times in my head! My life has become so busy with two jobs, full time school and just my life in general. But this past weekend something happened to change the way I look at this blog. I had the awesome pleasure of meeting two of my super hero’s! No not superman or Iron man, not even my all time favorite heart throb THOR!! I had the privilege of going to Dana Carpenter’s home for her annual Meet and Greet! For any of us who have been doing this low carb lifestyle, we certainly know that name! She is amazing! A very nice and caring lady, as crazy as the day was she always took the time to talk with me! 

I arrived early to help her in her preparations for the day,(imagine that I got to cook with Dana Carpenter!!!!!) She came out from around the back of her house where she had been basting ribs, gave me a big hug and said “Welcome”. Who said people from Jersey weren’t nice! We went into her kitchen and got started getting the rest of the food ready for the one o’clock arrival! 

To have those couple of hours to work with her and just talk about life was incredible! She is such a funny lady with so much charm. But do not mistake demeanor, her compassion is real , she really cares about the people she writes for. She would tell me my readers need this, so I find a way to help them cook it! She even needs to open her own cookbooks to look at her receipts again to make sure she followed it correctly! I will tell you honestly that what we see in Dana is what we get! She doesn’t pretend to be someone she is not! She is the real deal! And I must also say TNBIM Eric, is a great man!( That’s Dana’s husband). He was just as hospitably as Dana! They make a great pair! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for opening your home to us, but more importantly your life, your books have changed so many peoples lives, Especially mine! I feel as if I made a new best friend!

Now the next super hero I meet was of coarse Jimmie Moore!  If any of you do not know this man than you are not eating low carb! He has done so much with his blogs and podcast, to help us lay people figure out our own life journey! Meeting him was so inspiring! Jimmie and his lovely wife Christine, are the nicest people ever. When Jimmie first walked into Dana’s house he gave me a big hug, I have never met this man, but it was like we had always been friends. I have spoken to him a few times on Facebook and he remembered who I was! I know that sounds funny but you need to remember, Jimmie Moore meets lots of people and knows lots of people. To me this tells of his character! A man who really cares about what he’s doing and the people he is writing to and talking to also! His wife Christine was so very sweet, I had a good deal of conversations with her, and she is a doll! Jimmie’s blessed to have her! Jimmie was exactly like I thought he would be ,REAL!  Again people what you are seeing and hearing this is Jimmie Moore! Read his bloggs and listen to his podcast, you will learn something that could change your life, I know it did mine!

His new book Cholesterol Clarity is coming out August 27th I would encourage all to get it, again its a game changer!

I also had the great privilege to meet Amy Dungan another blogger who has been on Jimmie Moore’s podcast. A very sweet and caring lady, I am now going to be reading her stuff too! She took some great pictures that I hope to get copies of! Hint, Hint! And Rebecca Lathan, was a neat lady who helped me to see some things that I may not be doing right in my personal journey thanks, Rebecca!

Dr James Carlson was in attendance with his wonderful wife Gloria! You may not know him but you should! He wrote 

Genocide: How Your Doctor’s Dietary Ignorance Will Kill You!!!! 

He was so willing to talk to everyone and answer questions! He is currently practicing in upstate Indiana, so if you need a great doctor go there!

And dare I forget, the other people who are just like me, that came to this meet and greet! We have a very loving and caring community! Everyone is on their own journey and no one judges each other. We all have different walks and we will get there at our own pace!

Again a big thank you to Dana and Eric for opening your home to us crazy low carbers! We love you!


OH mY!


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Yes I said it! Oh MY!!!!! Sometimes I feel as if every time I turn around I am falling off the proverbial wagon! What happened to my self control? Well to be truthful, I have none! I cannot do this in my own strength. I am reminded daily that even though I have the heart for eating the right way, the healthy way, I still derail myself! And to continue to be honest so do others. I told a friend the other day as someone offered her an ice cream, if they were offended by saying no, then they are not your friend.You see for some of us certain foods can really harm our bodies. Many of you would agree that sugar is very addicting, it has been studied that it is just as addicting as heroine.If you doubt this study then try to eliminate all sugar from your diet and see what happens. This is probably the hardest for me to stay off of,and I know its so harmful to my body. As I am a grown adult with a mind of my own, I take full responsibility for when I eat badly, I do not even want to say cheat as that would indicate my need to go back to eating this way. What I am asking you all is this when one of us says, I don’t eat that way: PLEASE do not insist that we do, no I made it just for you, or only one bit won’t hurt, because in reality it will! Please respect the fact that we are working so hard to get ourselves healthy! We would gladly help you to achieve the same goal!. I heard a scripture today that really sums up my ability to to succeed in this quest to be healthy, I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.Phil. 4:13 He is my strength and for His honor, I want to make my temple healthier. I have five adorable grand-babies that this Mamie wants to watch grow up, and the ability to still run around and play with! Lets keep it real!

Book Review The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib


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I have never done a book review, in which I actually write and tell people what I think. But this book needs all the attention it can get! The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib, is a remarkable book. As the title indicates Jason is being your coach. He informs, teaches and coaches you thru all you should need to get going and sustain a very healthy paleo lifestyle. I first found Jason Seib along with Sarah Fragoso thru Jimmie Moore. I started listening to their podcast Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness.This is where I learned of Jason’s book. I preordered it, and read it as soon as I got it. If you want the down-low of Paleo without all the hardcore science , this is that book. Jason writes this in such a way so that anyone can understand what you need to do to make this a way of life. When I finished it I was like “Is that it?” I didn’t realize how easy it is to live this way. He brings years of experience and knowledge into this book. Anyone can benefit from it, he makes it simple! The recipes he includes are also easy and tastes great. This book should become a must read for anyone wanting a Paleo lifestyle. Your bookcase should not be missing this book. Just don’t leave it there use it! Your body and your life will never be the same.