If you have been to my Prim and Proper page then you already know a little bit about me. If not this is me! I am a wife of a pastor ,a   mom of 5, ranging from 29 to 17 and 5 grandkids! I have been mostly a stay at home mom, but I have had a part time job, that I have done for the last 14 years! I am currently going to college YAY!!! first time, unless you count when I went to cosmetology school. That was something I always wanted to do and I finally did it around my 40 Th birthday.   I discovered when I went back to school that I love to write and after reading and listening to Jimmie Moore’s blogs I decided to do it myself! My first blog is really about my life as a pastors wife and things I think about, this one I decided to devote to my weight loss journey. I have found a way of eating that I feel great on and am not hungry! SO I decided Hey you need to tell people too! So that is what I’m doing! And again I say thanks for taking the time to read my blog and lets get healthy together!


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