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I have been ding pretty good, eating only once a day from 4-7. Then it happened…

Batman vs. Superman, yes the movies. I had planned to be strict and keep eating my way, then my hubby bought the dreaded popcorn!!!  I know I know, I could have “just say no!!” But it called my name!! Literally it said “you deserve this treat, you have been so good, go ahead it won’t hurt.” Ok well maybe it wasn’t the popcorn, but that’s what I heard.

The next day to my surprise I was up 2 lbs, its water I know. But the bad thing is my blood sugar was 144 first thing in the morning. that is not water, that is not good. SO I ate pretty good the next day,and this morning my bs was 133, still not good. But it did show me again…. I cannot go off my plan. I am not metabolically healthy yet, so I must stay the coarse.

SO this is where I’m at today! I hope your all doing well!