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This week has been a week of discoveries.  Again another week of fasting, and trying to figure out what my body needs. It can be so frustrating, tying to make it heal itself. At times I just want to give up, and pack it in. But that really isn’t who I am. I worked hard at raising my kids, I gave birth to all 5 of my kids without drugs. I have worked hard to have a successful marriage of almost 35 years, I work hard at the job that gives me a paycheck, working to make others lives better. So why would this make me stop? Well the reason is sometimes you just want to pig out on Taco Bell.

But with my medical issues, I can’t do that, it takes me all week to recover after doing that. When I went to my nephews wedding, I had nachos, and boy were they good.  It took me a week to recover, then me and hubs went to the movies I had crappy nachos which so wasn’t worth it, and another week to recover.  So I must stay diligent. I have read many studies that point to what I’m doing, and I believe it will pay off. Heck people tell me I look like I’ve lost weight, so that’s  a plus lol.

I guess the whole purpose of this blog was to encourage you to be diligent in what you are doing. It’s hard work, working for things in your life that have meaning. I was speaking to my daughter last week and she was saying to me you can only abuse your body so much than it fights back. No truer words. Our bodies are a great gift from God, and He’s given us wonderful resources to help it heal. So carry on, keep fighting, and don’t give up!

Love, Dee