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So this week has been interesting, so should I say more? I have been trying to recover from my nephews wedding when I went off my plan. So you may be asking if this is so hard to recover, why do I eat this way? Well the answer to that is I feel so much better when I eat this way than when I ate the SAD diet( standard American diet). From the research I have done and from speaking with my doctor; who supports this way of eating; I find this is the best at healing whats going on in my body.

I have insulin resistance, thyroid issues and am menopausal. PHEWWWWW!!! A lot to have to deal with, so much of my body is  fighting me with my weight loss. My blood sugars are all over the place. BUT  I am not giving up!!! I had been doing 36 hour fast, in which I was getting wonderful blood sugar numbers, but it was getting kinda rough so I switched to 24 hour fasts. These are easier, I was fasting from dinner to dinner. My numbers were better. But no real weight loss this week, so I’m going to continue to do it this week  and watch what my blood sugars  do. I’m reading The Obesity Code, by Dr. Jason Fung. He explains about fasting and how to beat this problem with my weight. If you have a chance to read it, I recommend it highly.

It is very frustrating at times, as I was telling my brother this week. I can be so strict, and then just one meal sets me back. This shows me how metabolically  damaged I am. We can go about damaging our bodies for years, and not even know it, then BAM!! it hits. I remember in my 30’s I dropped weight so easily, and go into shape. Boy I miss those days!  But don’t cry for me Argentina! (lame movie quote) I am sticking with it! I told my best friend what choice do I have? Well I actually have 3.  1) stop and get sicker, 2) stop and get sicker and take more meds, or 3) keep fighting and moving forward. That is my choice, is it yours?

The choice is yours, what you will do with your health. Your doctor, is a guide, it’s your responsibility to find out what works for you and get after it! Do I get tired of having to watch what I eat ? Sure at times, but my way of eating really is simple, when I’m out for dinner  I order meats and veggies. At home, I cook dinner, and for lunch I take mine to work . So I save a lot more money this way.

What I have been trying to get across is to not give up, everything worth having is worth working for! If your struggling find like minded people to help support you. If your getting bored with your food options start looking for different recipes, lots of other blogs and pinterest is fab!

You are worth it!!

Love Dee