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As I was contemplating this blog, I wasn’t sure what to really talk about. When this title came to me, it really smacked me. Have you ever asked yourself “when will I ever learn?” Of coarse you have , everyone has. We try to do things one way, then we slip back into our same common mistakes. Have you ever heard the expression , if you keep doing the same things over and over again, but  expecting different results? that is the definition of insanity. Yes?! But yet we continue doing that, Why? I think it’s that we are comfortable in our old ways. Even if it turns out bad, and we know it will. This can be applied to all aspects of our lives, but for our purposes here, I am going to apply this to the way we eat.

I went to my nephews wedding this weekend, with every intention of sticking to my way of eating. I bought some sugar free chocolates  so that when everyone was having cake I wouldn’t feel deprived, that worked.  But what I forgot about was eating dinner right before going, I didn’t know what they were having,  I waited to long and just went to the wedding ill prepared. It turns out my nephew is a real Prim and had a nacho bar!  Ok so far that really wasn’t to bad, I could have just eaten the things on there that I know I could, but do you think I did? Well don’t answer that, I’ll tell you, I loaded my plate up with chips then beans and all the other wonderful foods, that I normally can eat. But they also had  and chicken empanadas and quesadillas.  Yeah I’d say I went a little over bored.

In my thinking I thought I was doing pretty good, I had decided to fast the day before and I’d be good! Not so obi wan, I am too metabolically damaged at this point. I have to stay very strict and continue to heal my body, which is my goal. Does this mean that I can never have nachos again, noooo , but right now I need to stay focused. So today I learned, that I still have a lot to to repair and to stay the coarse. I know I’ll still have set backs, but that’s okay, I’ll just take it  as it comes.

What I do what to encourage you is to have someone you can talk with, someone that will be honest with you, and not just tell you what you want to hear. I have people like that in my life and we all need that. If you have any questions, about my way of eating, please feel free to ask, I always want to be of help to anyone.

Many Blessings! Dee