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Well hey y’all! How is your valentines going? Are you saying it was great I didn’t eat all that candy, or are you saying well tomorrow is Monday, start again? Well either way Lets get at it! A friend in another group coined the phrase Decide,Commit,Succeed! I love that! Each day, that is what we need to do, sometimes it can seem like each meal we need to make this choice. But that is ok, we live in  real life situations. Sometimes it seems like we have everything planned, and BAM something derails us. I said this earlier in my Facebook page, we are not failures, only if we try it!

This week has been a very tough and emotional week for me, I did not cave in eating, I am normally a very emotional eater, but I chose not to express my feeling in this way.  I have stuck for 2 weeks doing my intermittent fasting, and was rewarded with a 4 lbs lost this week! So hey I was happy!!  Then, ( insert sad face here) I ended up blowing my eating plan. My hubby and I had planned to go see Deadpool for our  Valentines present; we were going to a theater that served you at your seat!! Yeah baby!! I had it all planned I was going to order a burger dog!! Ok so your asking “what the heck?” Don’t know it til you’ve had it. Its a wonderful invention, a hug burger with a hot dog on the bottom and on the top, with cheese and bacon!!  Then Saturday morning  I woke up with tummy issues, and ended up living on saltines and chicken noodle soup. And if you don’t know I eat a ketogenic diet, which that doesn’t includes saltines or noodles. But let me tell  you, this was what I needed to eat, not what I wanted, so I ate it.  So my prince ended up getting my burger, and I munched crackers.This is what I mean when  I say  things don’t always work right. Now today is another day, I feel so much better and I am back on plan.

So week three, get back to the gym!! I am still recovering from my knee surgery, but I need to help it out more. Exercise is a very good way to handle stress, and it makes you feel better. I totally believe that weight loss is 80% nutrition, and 20% exercise. That being said get up and move!! Strength training is beneficial to your body. It increases your muscle and burns fat longer and better, the more muscle you put on the better for your fat burning mode.  Right now all I get to do is ride the bike. When I get off the bike, I’m sore, but I do fell better physically and emotionally when I go. What do we want to do!!?? Get Moving!!!!! I don’t care where your fitness level is, just start and go somewhere. Consult your Dr, if you have health problems first. Start out slow, but and least start!

Everyone take this week, try something new, I use to use some hypnosis for relaxation, and I’m going back to that. I also am going to get back to crocheting for stress release at night. What are you going to do? Leave a comment and tell me what helps you to de-stress.  And remember DECIDE,COMMIT, SUCCEED!!!