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I can honestly say I am glad that last week is over with. Whewwwwww!!!!! I ate on plan, until Friday night, my birthday. The only thing I ate off was I had some nachos. Everything else was good. On Sunday I did eat some sugar free chocolate chips! That was the extent of my off plan celebrations for my birthday. No cake, no ice cream, no pie! SO I didn’t feel that I had hurt anything. I get on the scale today and I’m up 3 lbs!! This getting healthy and losing weight sometimes is very frustrating.

I talked to  my best friend about it, and decided I had two options; one stick with it, or two give up and get fatter and sicker. Well I hope you  know I choose number 1!. Even though my progress may be up and down, I do feel so much better than when I use to eat the old way.

I will do some tweaking and making sure that I am logging everything, and I really need to get my water  in. I went back to the gym today! Yay me!!! My knee’s didn’t like it, but it was a beginning. And that’s where we all have to start. If you’ve been telling yourself, I need to, I have to, I’m going to. Well just do it! Get your self up and start moving, anything is better than just sitting on the coach watching t.v. I rode the bike for 20 min, I’m glad I did and I’m going back tomorrow. I want my knees to get better along with the rest of me.

Stop looking at yourself and saying I can’t, and start saying I can! Be kind to youself and especially your body, it’s a gift that we are still here, and we need to cherish this give of life we have!

Have a great week!