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My dear friends HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I wanted to start off the New Year by writing and letting you know what has been happening with my journey. 2015 has been an interesting year, to say the least. I had been on a roller coaster of sorts with my weight. I would eat according to my plan, and not lose at all. And then at times I would get so discouraged and just dive head first into chocolate!! All the while knowing I was only making my insulin resistance worse. Am I the only one who does things, knowing it’s not getting any better but that I am making it worse? Well maybe I am.

In any event, I buckled down and started follow macros based on science from dr’s. Phiney and Volek. They are the Dr’s who wrote the book The Art and Science of Low carbohydrate Living. I joined a group on Facebook called optimal ketogenic living. I read everything and then started to apply the theories  to me. I started to lose but very very slowly. I then went to my dr’s and told her what was going on. After I got this year’s blood work back indicating that my A1C had gone up, it was 5.6 now it was 5.9, I knew that more was wrong. It’s kind of funny or sad whichever your thought is, that I was told I was fine. But you see the daily average blood sugar of A1C of 5.9 is 133, which is not a normal blood sugar. SO thank goodness my doctor listened to me and sent me to an endocrinologist, where the test began!!!!
After a few month of testing the endo, said my thyroid was enlarged and inflamed, viola!!! It’s trying to build a goiter! Yep pretty huh? AH nope! I like this guy, although he wanted to upload pictures of my enlarged goiter on Facebook. (He was teasing) He agreed that there is no prediabetes that I was just not diagnosed yet, that my insulin resistance needed to be fixed and we needed to calm down this thyroid.
So the next course of treatment, thyroid meds! Ugh more meds, what is a girl to do? Well fix it! that’s what I’m to do!  He wanted me to stay very strict on my diet, he said the way I eat with is a ketogenic diet was an excellent choice, an if I don’t start losing by the time I see him in February, he will put me on a med to specifically hit my insulin resistance.
So fast forward to November. My Prince Charming and I went on vacation, no I did not totally eat like everyone else, but I did gain  only 5 lbs.! This is actually very good for me, as I usually gain 10-15. It took me exactly 2 weeks to drop that. Prior to going on vacation I actually had lost 18 lbs.!! My diet and thyroid meds seemed to actually be working!!. Now also I’m premenopausal and it’s been a real pain! But I feel that my meds have kicked menopause into high gear, as of right now I have a lot more hot flashes, and my period has stopped! YAY ME!!!
December comes and on the 14th I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Let me tell you this, I hate surgery, it terrifies me but the worse part was I got so sick from the anesthetic that all I could eat for 5 days was crackers and chicken noodle soup!.
So of course being the devoted person I am I fell face first into everything that I am not supposed to eat! Yep that’s right, I have not been following my own advice, and boy have I paid for it. I feel ill, bloated and icky, and I am now up to 209! Go me…..
BUT this is a new day and a new year and a new  life. I have recommitted to being healthy, taking back my health and healing my body before anything else crazy wants to happen. I started a fb page called confused and gassy, sound familiar?!! This is the last time to stop and start; oh i may fall, but I will not fail. I am following the same macros as I did that seemed to help me before derailing. I have plans for this year, one of which is to reverse my diabetes and end my meds for that. My son is getting married in May and I plan not to be the fat mom there, I plan to be the healthy mom there! My competition is within myself!
I was reading this morning in Genesis where God gave us the food to enjoy and for nourishment, I totally believe that He has given us the materials to heal ourselves, of course with His help!
I plan on doing a lot more writing this year, so I am  hoping I can achieve this also. Please feel free to participate with us and to let us help support you in your drive to be healthy. My prince charming is on this adventure with me, which gives me extra strength.
So here’s to a wonderful and healthy 2016!!!