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Yes I know that’s a duh question, but it needed to be asked. I know that I do, when I gave up grains, all sorts of grains, in other words ALL grains, I gave up my spaghetti, lasagna and pizza. I thought I would never survive, but guess what where there is a will there a way is! Now enters Sarah Fragoso, with Everyday Paleo around the world, Italian cooking. So I bought this book with the hopes that I would not be disappointed, and you guessed it I wasn’t! I have made a few of her recipes and loved them all. What I enjoyed about this book was how very simple they were to follow. Some have a lot to do, but she writes them in such a way that even the novice cook can follow. I had made the Lasagna recipe and my pickiest child who doesn’t like any vegetables except salad and green beans ate to huge helpings!! I’d say that was a great endorsement! The pictures in this book are also amazing; you could almost smell the pages! This is a definite keeper in the Prim kitchen! If you don’t eat grains or even if you do, don’t miss out on this book, you should have it in your cook book library. Well worth the cost, but more importantly well worth the wait to have gotten this book! My preverbal hat is off to you Mrs. Fragosa, and I cannot wait for your next book! Keep them coming!