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How many of you have bought book after book for weight loss, hoping that this would be the one? I know that I have a book case full of them. I had begun listening to a podcast called America’s Angriest Trainer with a gentleman called Vinnie Tortorich and his co-host Anna Vocino. This Vinnie is known as the go to guy in Hollywood for getting those beautiful bodies that we see on the screen in shape. So I was intrigued, while listening he talked about his book that he had been writing with his friend Dean Lorey. Who just so happens to have been the writer/producer for Arrested Development, My Wife and Kids and also Major Payne. Impressive to say the least, so when their book came out I decided to get yet another new book on weight loss! What I got surprised me, not only is it not just a weight loss book, but Vinnie becomes your trainer. He takes you thru the side of the weight loss community that isn’t pretty. He tells you the tricks of the “health clubs”. The rackets that are there who just want to take your money and your hopes and flush them. This book is not like any other weight loss book you have purchased; he takes the time to tell you where he came from and what has brought him to this point in his life. Now if you are looking for the next “10 ways to lose 10 pounds” this is not that. His message is so simple that you have to reread it a couple of times and say, “is that it?” How can a concept of NSNG which stands for No Sugar No Grains, really be the answer. Try it out and see, but as for me it works. Yes this book has no recipes, no real do this don’t do that, magic pill, but it really is that simple to just give up sugar and grains. He also tells you the basics in exercise, and even gives you a link for his you tube videos on what to do. This book shows a passion in this man that he wants to help those who struggle with getting healthy. And yes I did say passion! You need a passion for something that you believe in, to be able to convince people how to change their lives. Vinnie’s personal stories had we laughing, blushing and crying! I can honestly say this is the last “weight loss” book that I will ever buy! This is definitely the most important book to own and learn from a man who had you on his mind when he wrote this. Dean Lorey expert writing skills is so evident in the way this books flows from chapter to the next. You will not be disappointed in the style of the book or the content. I hope to someday meet this man and thank him for how he has changed my life. Do your body a favor and buy this book, listen to his podcast and proceed to “put life into living, and do it with enthusiasm!