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How has life been treating you? I am trying to get back in the swing of things. School started for my youngest daughter, she is now a senior in high school! I’m happy for her but sad for me as she is my last baby! I am also starting back up with classes; I hope to graduate this next May with at least one of my two degrees that I am working on. I also have been going strong on this way of eating. I haven’t knowingly had any sugar or grains for a good while. I have had at times some potato. But my biggest thing that I have tried differently is to up my fat intake. I am dropping back on the amount of protein that I eat and adding more fat. The result of that is I am not very hungry most of the time, and my stomach has flattened out! Yes I did say that! I also put on a pair of capris the other day that I could in no way come close to closing at the beginning of summer I was able to close them! They were tight, but I got those suckers on! It again goes to show us all, don’t be a slave to the scale! Fat loss comes in many different signs, so we need to recognize that.
Again I was reminded when I shared this way of eating, that it really is a way of life! The person I spoke with just kept telling me they need to “diet” and I was telling her it was so much more. You have to realize there are some foods that certain people cannot eat! I am by far healthier and feel much better not being bogged down with sugar and grains. You need to find what works for you and then do it! Don’t bounce from one “weight loss” gimmick to the next you will jack up your body, I have! It is taking me a long time to get it healthy, it’s a long process. Do what I do READ!!! And listen and research, that is what I do. Probably at times to much! LOL!!
My goal now is to get my exercise dialed. Tomorrow I am going to start to get up a half hour earlier, time to have a cup of coffee with heavy whipping cream, read my bible then go for a walk, while the weather is still nice. Then I can come back, shower and head to work. Know I started my day off right. First with my God, then getting my energy and fat burning started. To be healthy is to focus on all aspects of who you are. I believe that is your mind body and soul! To me the most important is the soul, and then the other two tied! Take the time to spend with God before you start your day, then get some workout time in, and nutrition. Please don’t forget to manage your stress! That is a killer in itself! My prayer time helps a lot with that. Also get a good deal of sleep your body needs to repair itself and rejuvenate.
Look at what’s really important in your life, fix what you can, and don’t give up. Getting healthy takes time, after years of abusing our bodies. Much love to you all!