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Well it certainty has been a while since I’ve written anything down here, although I have written many times in my head! My life has become so busy with two jobs, full time school and just my life in general. But this past weekend something happened to change the way I look at this blog. I had the awesome pleasure of meeting two of my super hero’s! No not superman or Iron man, not even my all time favorite heart throb THOR!! I had the privilege of going to Dana Carpenter’s home for her annual Meet and Greet! For any of us who have been doing this low carb lifestyle, we certainly know that name! She is amazing! A very nice and caring lady, as crazy as the day was she always took the time to talk with me! 

I arrived early to help her in her preparations for the day,(imagine that I got to cook with Dana Carpenter!!!!!) She came out from around the back of her house where she had been basting ribs, gave me a big hug and said “Welcome”. Who said people from Jersey weren’t nice! We went into her kitchen and got started getting the rest of the food ready for the one o’clock arrival! 

To have those couple of hours to work with her and just talk about life was incredible! She is such a funny lady with so much charm. But do not mistake demeanor, her compassion is real , she really cares about the people she writes for. She would tell me my readers need this, so I find a way to help them cook it! She even needs to open her own cookbooks to look at her receipts again to make sure she followed it correctly! I will tell you honestly that what we see in Dana is what we get! She doesn’t pretend to be someone she is not! She is the real deal! And I must also say TNBIM Eric, is a great man!( That’s Dana’s husband). He was just as hospitably as Dana! They make a great pair! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for opening your home to us, but more importantly your life, your books have changed so many peoples lives, Especially mine! I feel as if I made a new best friend!

Now the next super hero I meet was of coarse Jimmie Moore!  If any of you do not know this man than you are not eating low carb! He has done so much with his blogs and podcast, to help us lay people figure out our own life journey! Meeting him was so inspiring! Jimmie and his lovely wife Christine, are the nicest people ever. When Jimmie first walked into Dana’s house he gave me a big hug, I have never met this man, but it was like we had always been friends. I have spoken to him a few times on Facebook and he remembered who I was! I know that sounds funny but you need to remember, Jimmie Moore meets lots of people and knows lots of people. To me this tells of his character! A man who really cares about what he’s doing and the people he is writing to and talking to also! His wife Christine was so very sweet, I had a good deal of conversations with her, and she is a doll! Jimmie’s blessed to have her! Jimmie was exactly like I thought he would be ,REAL!  Again people what you are seeing and hearing this is Jimmie Moore! Read his bloggs and listen to his podcast, you will learn something that could change your life, I know it did mine!

His new book Cholesterol Clarity is coming out August 27th I would encourage all to get it, again its a game changer!

I also had the great privilege to meet Amy Dungan another blogger who has been on Jimmie Moore’s podcast. A very sweet and caring lady, I am now going to be reading her stuff too! She took some great pictures that I hope to get copies of! Hint, Hint! And Rebecca Lathan, was a neat lady who helped me to see some things that I may not be doing right in my personal journey thanks, Rebecca!

Dr James Carlson was in attendance with his wonderful wife Gloria! You may not know him but you should! He wrote 

Genocide: How Your Doctor’s Dietary Ignorance Will Kill You!!!! 

He was so willing to talk to everyone and answer questions! He is currently practicing in upstate Indiana, so if you need a great doctor go there!

And dare I forget, the other people who are just like me, that came to this meet and greet! We have a very loving and caring community! Everyone is on their own journey and no one judges each other. We all have different walks and we will get there at our own pace!

Again a big thank you to Dana and Eric for opening your home to us crazy low carbers! We love you!