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Yes I said it! Oh MY!!!!! Sometimes I feel as if every time I turn around I am falling off the proverbial wagon! What happened to my self control? Well to be truthful, I have none! I cannot do this in my own strength. I am reminded daily that even though I have the heart for eating the right way, the healthy way, I still derail myself! And to continue to be honest so do others. I told a friend the other day as someone offered her an ice cream, if they were offended by saying no, then they are not your friend.You see for some of us certain foods can really harm our bodies. Many of you would agree that sugar is very addicting, it has been studied that it is just as addicting as heroine.If you doubt this study then try to eliminate all sugar from your diet and see what happens. This is probably the hardest for me to stay off of,and I know its so harmful to my body. As I am a grown adult with a mind of my own, I take full responsibility for when I eat badly, I do not even want to say cheat as that would indicate my need to go back to eating this way. What I am asking you all is this when one of us says, I don’t eat that way: PLEASE do not insist that we do, no I made it just for you, or only one bit won’t hurt, because in reality it will! Please respect the fact that we are working so hard to get ourselves healthy! We would gladly help you to achieve the same goal!. I heard a scripture today that really sums up my ability to to succeed in this quest to be healthy, I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.Phil. 4:13 He is my strength and for His honor, I want to make my temple healthier. I have five adorable grand-babies that this Mamie wants to watch grow up, and the ability to still run around and play with! Lets keep it real!