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I went on vacation, which was a cruise. I ate anything and everything, and boy did I pay for that! But as Jason Seib said on his podcast recently, if your gonna do it, own it! So I do! I really didn’t feel very good after eating all this stuff, but it’s kind of funny, while your eating it your thinking “wow this is so good, but I know it’s gonna hurt later.” That is so true! I bloated up very badly, I didn’t sleep well and my stomach bothered me alot. After we got back and as brave as I could be, I stepped on the scale ,Bam!!!! I went up 12 pounds in about 2 weeks! One pound a day! I wish it came off as easy as it went on. So April 1st, my grandson’s Ethan’s birthday, I started fast a furious!! No sugar, no grains, no crap! I haven’t even had diet soda! Oh and by the way I have my family off soda too! I said no more are we buying this stuff you want it you buy it! My dear hubby is also no longer on the stuff ! I never thought that would happen. That stopped that day also, I feel great!! My main drinks are water!!!! coffee and tea, I focus on water first. I do still use splenda sweetener in my coffee but I am weaning myself off of that also. So I have adopted a Paleo/Primal low carb way of eating. As of this week, I am down 4 pounds!! I am going to try to do more blogging, it helps me to stay focused. I do work alot and also go to school, so sometimes it’s tough. Let me Know how our doing, what changes are you making to get healthy.