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I have never done a book review, in which I actually write and tell people what I think. But this book needs all the attention it can get! The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib, is a remarkable book. As the title indicates Jason is being your coach. He informs, teaches and coaches you thru all you should need to get going and sustain a very healthy paleo lifestyle. I first found Jason Seib along with Sarah Fragoso thru Jimmie Moore. I started listening to their podcast Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness.This is where I learned of Jason’s book. I preordered it, and read it as soon as I got it. If you want the down-low of Paleo without all the hardcore science , this is that book. Jason writes this in such a way so that anyone can understand what you need to do to make this a way of life. When I finished it I was like “Is that it?” I didn’t realize how easy it is to live this way. He brings years of experience and knowledge into this book. Anyone can benefit from it, he makes it simple! The recipes he includes are also easy and tastes great. This book should become a must read for anyone wanting a Paleo lifestyle. Your bookcase should not be missing this book. Just don’t leave it there use it! Your body and your life will never be the same.