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If you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t been on lately, well with not making excuses but I do work part-time which is actually full-time, I go to school full-time, pastors wife ,mom and all around busy life. But I do want you all to know that I have continued to eat the way that I have told you works for me!!Now your next question, Have I lost weight? Drum roll please….. NOPE!! yes that’s what I said nope. I have not, but nor have I gained any either, so that is good. I am in the middle of tweaking the way I eat in the amount. I am adding more good healthy fats, and trying to reduce the amount of protein. I am also limited my artificial sweeteners to 2 a day. I think that has been stalling my weight loss goals! And lets face it, that stuff is poison to our bodies. If anyone ever tries to tell you that stuff is really healthy, send them my way please!!!! Ok so back on to my other rant, I do know how I feel when I eat that stuff that Jimmie Moore so sweetly calls it,”CARBAGE,” without giving you too much TMI my certain systems in my body will rebel!! So I CHOOSE not to eat them. Besides, when we eat real food, it fuels every aspect of our being. Tastes so much better than the fake stuff.I have also been seeing a holistic practitioner, and after great discussions, we have determined that I am estrogen dominate,”Yay! for menopause,” I also have a sluggish thyroid, and adrenal issues. So she put me on some terrific supplements, and since these are natural they do take more time to fix my body then our synthetic counterparts; as supplements tend to work with your body to develop the much need fixes instead of forcing it into submission!. I have already noticed great side effects in fixing my hormonal issues, and I know that weight lost will happen, it’s just going to take time. Oh the joy of eating and yo-yo dieting and the toll it takes on our bodies! Plus the addition of moving into this new phase of maturity! Yuck, I don’t care what my driver’s license says I am still soooo young!!! Stay with me my peeps! Let me know what you are doing and how is it really working. I am still doing lots of reading and listening to podcast, my favorite is all of Jimmie Moore’s and my other favorite by Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso’s Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness. These all give me such great information and encouragement. I also have accountability with a chat group Low Carb lifestyles group on Sparkpeople.com. Do your self a great favor and look into these! So sooner better than later I will write again! I will succeed to make my body healthy for the glory of God!