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Happy New Year!! Everyone! I hope your previous year was a blessing to you, if not, lets look to the future! Today is a new year and with that comes new choices! I am starting another Advocare fast tomorrow, as I have been eating very bad since Christmas! My body has made it quite clear that it doesn’t like the way I have chosen to eat these past few days. So tomorrow is anew! I am committed to eat my healthy way and get my exercise in, I am the priority now, not my work, or other things that distract me. When is it ever going to be time for me? It is now! I have made up my decisions with exercise, I am using Eplifefit.com, it is by Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib. It really isn’t very much to get started, it’s only 20 dollars a month, which I feel is well worth it! Their knowledge is in valuable. I also have signed up for Jimmy Moore’s livinlowcarbmealplan.com! I get tired of trying to figure things out for myself so I am trying this. But more importantly I am doing it! Stop yourself and ask yourself, what are you waiting for? Tomorrow may never come, so start NOW!!! I’ll be here for you! Lets get healthy this year!