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Hey all, so I know I know its been a while since I posted last, but life has so gotten in the way! I did the 24 day challenge with Advocare; I did pretty good, I did lost 2 pounds; which some of you may not think that is very good, but I was already eating great food, so that didn’t change.What did change was that I lost 4.5 inches, and you may ask why that is significant? Well I will tell you if you insist.I lost 1 whole inch on each thigh, and as many of you know that is difficult to lose in that area. Stomach fat is easier to lose and faster, but the stubborn fat that is on the thighs are hard to let go of. I also haven’t lost any inches in a awhile, so this was significant to me. I have since lost a total of 22 lbs, so this Advocare really did help jump start me again! If you are interested in knowing more about it here’s the website to go to advocare.com/12095905 or jprim83@yahoo.com. Now for full disclosure this rep is my son Josh, he sells this stuff and also uses it, but that is not why I’m endorsing it, I think its a good product, try it yourself or don’t its up to you!
Also I have a confession now, it was my 31st wedding anniversary this last Thursday, my hubby and I went to a bed and breakfast and I went off plan. Yes I did, we went to a fondue
restaurant and had everything! Then the chef at the B&B cooked an all so not low carb breakfast, then that evening we went to a french restaurant! Most of that was low carb except the Sorbet! I have not had those kinds of carbs since May, nor have I had any sugar either! Now do I feel bad for splurging? No I don’t mentally, I took it as a time to really enjoy what I was doing. But I will tell you physically I felt like garbage! Yes I said that,garbage! My stomach became so bloated and hurt, I really didn’t remember how bad I felt before til now. I even got my cravings back, it didn’t take long. So now I am making plans for thanksgiving dinner, which will be low carb. Although I did enjoy my little splurge, I don’t want to go back there for a very long time! As soon as I get a menu ready I will post the meal plan!
Now the other news I wanted to share with you is recently a report from Los Angeles in which the city council voted unanimously to make “Meatless Monday” from now on, well they are encouraging the city to do the same. Of coarse they are encouraging vegetables and I’m sure healthy whole grains. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/no-meat-mondays-los-angeles.Which if you all know me, that is not how I roll! Vegetables are great not that other stuff.! Right now it’s purely a suggestion, but if they ever tried to make it mandatory, I say Rebel!! Revolt!!! Bring on the meat!!!!I know you may think I am over reacting but hey “Big Brother” is out there. And no I am not a conspiracy theorist. I just want you all to be aware! And yes there are Aliens being hid in Area 51!