All I can say is I was in a store recently and as I was looking around I saw these new air fresheners, and I’m sure some of you have also. They are by Renuzit. They are the adjustable cones one, I have no issues with them at all as a company their stuff smells very nice;but one who is trying to lose weight why would I buy these? These new smells are Red Velvet cake,Chocolate Covered Cherries, and Creme Brulee. Can you image having these in your home not wanting to indulge in the poison called sugar, and you smell Red Velvet Cake? Man this would be to enticing. What do you think they were thinking when they made these scents? Now Vanilla and Lavender are very calming scents, so they are good to have in your home. I really enjoy an apple cinnamon scent reminds me of Christmas!!! But it doesn’t make me want to eat when I’m not hungry. There have been many a study on how scents can influence your moods. So I think I will choose not to have these temptations in my view of my nose!Red Velvet Cake

Besides I don’t want to accidentally eat one of these!!!