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In a recent article from the UK, it is reported that we may have a bacon shortage. Which those of us who eat low carb, high fat started to cry! We like bacon, nooo LOVE BACON, with breakfast, bacon with burgers, bacon wrapped steaks, bacon snacks, even chocolate covered bacon!! (Really only if it was dark chocolate)
But come down people I have the truth!! What our friends the Brits call bacon is to us Canadian bacon, which is good but it is not American Bacon! Now is that to say we have to start rationing our pork supply? NOOO again, what the article was really talking about is CORN!!! Yes Corn, it seems with the droughts have killed a lot of the corn harvest that is used to feed the pigs and fatten them up. So that is why they reported this shortage. We will not have a shortage, but we may have to pay higher prices. But there won’t be a shortage. Wow that was a close one!
I guess that can open up another forum for discussion what about beef? They use corn to feed cows also, so maybe the ideal of grass feed beef isn’t such a bad idea. I think it has a much better taste and yes you can get “grass fed” pork. There are farmers that let the pigs eat what is natural for them, instead of using corn and grains to just fatten them up. It becomes a much better quality of meat, I for one prefer it. Now can I always buy it noooo again, it can be expensive and hard to find, so I just do my best! I wish my hubby would embrace the idea of hunting then we could have venison!
I just wanted to put the rumors to rest that we who love fat will be able to continue with this wonderful food called BACON!! No fear!!!