Dear Dr.Dukan I wish to address your statement that you gave during your interview with The Mail,
In which you say, I quote,”’ It`s a mental problem. I`ve never seen an obese person who has said, `I am well in the mind,’ “. Really? Is that what you truly believe? I happen to know people that are overweight and “well in the head”, and I know skinny people that aren’t. Let me first tell you a little of my back ground; twelve years ago I started having panic attacks, in which I was put on medication. At the time I weighted a decent weight of 140 at 5’ 4” and 37 years old. From there it was an uphill battle with my weight. The medication that I was put on proceeded to slow down or even destroyed my metabolism, since then I have fought for years trying to lose the weight. Twelve years later I am no longer on medication, no longer have panic attacks but now I sit at a whopping 193! I am well in the head (most of the time) (That was American humor). I have been working ever since trying to figure out what the proper nutrition is for me. I believe that I have found that success. Being healthy is now my focus, losing weight is for my health not just my image.
I do see the correlations between eating disorders and mental illness, but those are not about losing weight per say they are about control. I have a very dear friend who suffers with this very thing. But to make a blanket statement as you have indicating that we who struggle with weight loss are mentally ill, is grossly unprofessional. You are a doctor one who is meant to help not harm. This kind of a statement sends mental illness back to the dark ages. I received a quote from a representative of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) ‘“Mentally ill people are not all fat. How about bulimic and anorexic people. Many psychotropic drugs cause people to gain weight. So we have to make a choice. Do we control our symptoms with medication or control our weight and not take medications. Many mentally ill people end up in jail or prison due to lack of medication. What a choice.” ‘Sandy Dewitt.
People need the best advice on how to lose weight. We need to find what works for us. We need good nutrition, proper supplements, exercise, and good fats. I believe that we need to cut out sugar and processes carbs, they can cause metabolic resistance, and this is what is making us fat and keeping us that way. We are living in a stressed filled environment, with fast food , processed to the max grab and go lifestyle, it’s no wonder why we have gotten in the condition we have.
There have been so many misleading studies that have come out; one expert here says this, one expert there says that, who are we to believe? That is why so many of us lay people are taking it upon ourselves to do the research for ourselves, and discover what works! We are our own best advocate!
Jimmy Moore is a blogger and has 3 podcast shows, The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show, Jimmy Moore Presents Ask the Experts, and Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends had this to say about your comment my dear Doctor:
“Obviously the lack of fat found in the Dukan diet has impaired Dr. Dukan’s ability to distinguish between making rational statements based in reality and insane comments designed to incite and inflame the very people he is trying to target with his low-fat, low-carb diet plan. The truth of the matter is that overweight people are not mentally ill as he describes but rather grossly misinformed about what real nutrition is supposed to be. Once people realize that dietary fat, even saturated fat, is not the enemy and that carbohydrates are to be minimized as part of a moderate protein, high-fat intake, your body will function at optimal levels cognitively and physiologically. If you choose to follow the Dukan pathway to producing hunger-inducing weight loss, then at least you know exactly how the creator of that diet plan thinks about you!”
That would be a WOW!
Yes Dr.Dukan I concur, if you really intended to help us, who have a desire to be in a healthy state physically then please do, but do not insult us. We are an educated group of people that live our lives trying to make it better by making ourselves healthier. Thank you but no thank you Dr. Dukan I think I will just keep doing what I’m doing, well it seems to be working!