Ok a quick little note, I have been sticking to my way of eating which is low carb high fat, yes that is what I said.  Please don’t try to convince me other wise I have done tons of research on this subject, and no one can argue with how I feel!  But that is for a later blog. TEEHEE!!!! I went to a ladies retreat this weekend and I took the initiative to call and ask what the menu was  a head of time. SO I went  and brought food that I would eat when they served stuff that I wouldn’t. Yes I said would or wouldn’t. This is the key, I can eat anything I want! I choose not to eat certain things. Things that I feel hurt my body, that make me feel bloated, and ill, lost of energy and all sorts of unpleasant  things. So please don’t think I am ever deprived because I am not! Now past the rant, I got home Saturday, we had a wonderful time by the way I know you were just dying to ask. And today I got back on the scale fully expecting a gain, (because that is what happens when you travel) but I did not! I am down 3 pounds!! I did the happy dance!! So that keeps my momentum going. I just wanted to take a few minutes and share with y’all. I will be blogging soon on an article that I read about what a certain doctor said about weight loss and mental illness! So keep an eye out for that!!