Where can I start! When I was in high school I weighted 105 lbs I am 5′ 4″. That was 31 years ago. I got married a few months after I graduated, and a year and half later my oldest son was born. I gained a lot of weight with him, but I did lose it also. All in all I have 5 kids and I have always seemed to be able to lose weight after they were born.I don’t really think my weight problems started until the year 2000. Yes y2k hit me, not the computers! I was watching tv with my sweetie when all of a sudden I had a panic attack! I had never had one before, but boy I knew what it was! Anyone who has had these will understand how terrible and terrifying they are. The next day I went to the doctors and he put me on some heavy duty stuff. I slept for a week! The long and short of this is, the next 5 years I was on 3 different meds! I went from 140 to 200 lbs! Those meds were needed at the time, but now I needed to get off of them, they were causing so many other problems. I did some research and SLOWLY weaned myself off those meds, and I found a natural remedy that helped me when I needed it. Today I take nothing unless I have an episode, which is maybe once a year.Usually I am the one who causes it, go figure! So needless to say I feel the meds killed my metabolism. So next I embarked on numerous ways to lose weight. I did Atkins and lost 40 lbs, but I didn’t see it as a lifestyle, I saw it as a easy way to lose weight. So when I stopped it I gained it back. I’ve done weight watchers and lost some weight, but I was always hungry and always thinking about food! One of my successful stories was when I did First Place thru my church, that worked while I did it, but after I finished I got pregnant with number 5! So that changed my eating for 9 months! I have even used some over the counter weight loss pills, they didn’t work either. I had a friend who said he lost all his weight with the combination of amino acids, so I did that too. Nope didn’t work for me.My weight has gone up and down since then. I would go and work out for a while and then I would quit, mostly because I would get frustrated.I read all the stuff about being fat free so I ate that way. Fat free and whole grains, yuck, but I did it. I wanted to be healthy. Have you ever tasted fat free stuff it tastes horrible.I didn’t realize that when they take all the fat out they have to add all that sugar to make it taste good. Well that’s for another blog. I tired to do what everyone said was the best way; eat low fat, exercise more and eat less! I did that and guess what, I was still over weight! I guess the good thing is I don’t look as heavy as I am, but believe me I am! I got a high cholesterol test and told my husband we needed to do something and we needed to do it together. So I let him decided what he wanted to do. He chose Atkins again. It was the easiest for him to do especially since my job takes me out of town a couple of times a week. Now this time I read the “The New Atkins for a New You.” We started in January of this year; My sweetie did real well, most men do, I struggled, I would go to the movies and have popcorn, or I’d have some candy. I never really sat down and said ‘Hey this is for real, do it!’. Then I read this book by Dana Carpenter, “How I gave up my low fat diet, and lost 40 lbs.” After reading this book, I decided this is it, I needed to get serious with my health. That was the middle of May of this year 2012. When I got on the scale I just sat down on my bed and cried! I never in my life would have thought I would get to this weight. I weighted 210 lbs. Yes I did, see why it hurt. How could I have let this happen? I was the size 5 girl, 105 when I got married. Never could this be me! Well it was me, and I needed to face that, or I would never do what needed to be done. I have 5 grandkids, and even though I do not have any health problems, that doesn’t mean I won’t. God has given me plenty of time to get healthy and I wasn’t about to wait any longer. So I got serious I planned out exactly what I would do, I was doing low carb. But this time I realized that this was a life change,it is not a temporary way of eating , but for life! Bad carbs are not good for me. Neither is sugar, I quit that also. This time I did not cheat ever! My body wasn’t ready to let go of the weight, so I had to stick with it. I did notice if I don’t drink enough water, my body will not let go. after about a 2 weeks I lost 5 lbs! Then nothing for about 6 weeks. Now all of a sudden, I am losing about 1 to 2 lbs a week. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you jack around with your health, your body will not respond. It says,” oh no I’m not letting go of this fat! I need to survive.”But I stayed faithful, and I will, I want to get healthy, I want to get the rest of my weight off, I have 5 precious grandbabies that I want to be able to enjoy and play with as I get older. I do not want to be the one sitting on the coach saying,”Meme, can’t play, I hurt.” No!!! That will not be me! I will be the one playing soccer at the park with those teenagers, being the “hipster” grandma! How I started was by reading everything I could that would help me. I read the book,’ Why we get fat and what to do about it ,’ by Gary Taubes. This is a real eye opener. I also listen to podcasts that help me. I really enjoy Jimmie Moore’s Living Lavida Low Carb. His blog and podcast are great. He has experts in the field, like doctors, scientist, dietitians, who know the science behind low carb and why it works and why it really is healthy. I am also very interested in the Primal and Paleo diets. I will go into detail about these later, but if you want to look into some of these, I would recommend those to begin with.Even though I have not lost a lot yet, I feel so much better. I sleep at night, my stomach doesn’t bother me anymore, I have a lot more energy now. So this is worth it! I am planning on being very real on here, sometimes you just need something or someone to kick you in the butt! I hope it will help you with your journey also!