ImageWell here we go again! I decided I needed two blogs, so I decided to change the name of my first one that I will deal more on spiritual matters and my life as a pastors wife.This one is I think self explanatory! LOL!!! This one tackles my weight loss and getting healthy. Yes weight loss and being healthy is also  spiritual,  but I am going to be giving alot more info on the research that I have done, besides scripture.There will be times that I do refer to the Word, for it does say a great deal on this subject also.What I wanted to share is my experience and what I have found out what works for me.

I will quickly say that I am NOT a nutritionist,or a dietitian, or a doctor or a scientist. I am a normal American woman who is over weight! I have read and listened to and researched all sorts of things concerning this, and have come to the conclusions that I have.

I am in no way saying this is the only way to go, but for me it is. If you disagree fine, go write your own blog! If you agree with me Let’s get healthy together!

So stay tuned to more and I will write more shortly as to where I’ve been and where I am now!