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So ladies what have you been up to? I have again been on a roller coaster, I actually dropped into the 180’s yay me!! Then promptly went back up, I’ve been fluctuating between 5 lbs. Ugh its so frustrating. But this is the the thing to remember, we’ve all heard it, its a marathon not a race. And yes before you roll your eyes up into your head, I know its not easy.

Lets get this straight right now ,w e WILL have rough days, we Will celebrate, we WILL go up and down. But what is the outcome we are looking for? Is it to just lose weight for a special occasion? Or is this for our health? Are we wanting to lose weight to become healthy or just look good? Ok before you delete this blog, I know all these things are important, but ask your self are you in it for the long hall. This is what I am wanting, I need to lose this weight to heal my body and become healthier, I had wanted to lose a lot of weight by my son’s wedding in 2 weeks, I have lost 26 lbs so far, but far from what I wanted. I do want to look good also. So see I have the same goals as you!

Lets just be an encouragement to each other. I have had a very rough and emotional day today, so I want our words to each other to be uplifting loving, The word of God says

1st. Thess 5:1111 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Hebrew 3:13But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

So let this be us!

Love you all,




I know I know


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I have been ding pretty good, eating only once a day from 4-7. Then it happened…

Batman vs. Superman, yes the movies. I had planned to be strict and keep eating my way, then my hubby bought the dreaded popcorn!!!  I know I know, I could have “just say no!!” But it called my name!! Literally it said “you deserve this treat, you have been so good, go ahead it won’t hurt.” Ok well maybe it wasn’t the popcorn, but that’s what I heard.

The next day to my surprise I was up 2 lbs, its water I know. But the bad thing is my blood sugar was 144 first thing in the morning. that is not water, that is not good. SO I ate pretty good the next day,and this morning my bs was 133, still not good. But it did show me again…. I cannot go off my plan. I am not metabolically healthy yet, so I must stay the coarse.

SO this is where I’m at today! I hope your all doing well!

Being Diligent


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This week has been a week of discoveries.  Again another week of fasting, and trying to figure out what my body needs. It can be so frustrating, tying to make it heal itself. At times I just want to give up, and pack it in. But that really isn’t who I am. I worked hard at raising my kids, I gave birth to all 5 of my kids without drugs. I have worked hard to have a successful marriage of almost 35 years, I work hard at the job that gives me a paycheck, working to make others lives better. So why would this make me stop? Well the reason is sometimes you just want to pig out on Taco Bell.

But with my medical issues, I can’t do that, it takes me all week to recover after doing that. When I went to my nephews wedding, I had nachos, and boy were they good.  It took me a week to recover, then me and hubs went to the movies I had crappy nachos which so wasn’t worth it, and another week to recover.  So I must stay diligent. I have read many studies that point to what I’m doing, and I believe it will pay off. Heck people tell me I look like I’ve lost weight, so that’s  a plus lol.

I guess the whole purpose of this blog was to encourage you to be diligent in what you are doing. It’s hard work, working for things in your life that have meaning. I was speaking to my daughter last week and she was saying to me you can only abuse your body so much than it fights back. No truer words. Our bodies are a great gift from God, and He’s given us wonderful resources to help it heal. So carry on, keep fighting, and don’t give up!

Love, Dee

sticking with it


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So this week has been interesting, so should I say more? I have been trying to recover from my nephews wedding when I went off my plan. So you may be asking if this is so hard to recover, why do I eat this way? Well the answer to that is I feel so much better when I eat this way than when I ate the SAD diet( standard American diet). From the research I have done and from speaking with my doctor; who supports this way of eating; I find this is the best at healing whats going on in my body.

I have insulin resistance, thyroid issues and am menopausal. PHEWWWWW!!! A lot to have to deal with, so much of my body is  fighting me with my weight loss. My blood sugars are all over the place. BUT  I am not giving up!!! I had been doing 36 hour fast, in which I was getting wonderful blood sugar numbers, but it was getting kinda rough so I switched to 24 hour fasts. These are easier, I was fasting from dinner to dinner. My numbers were better. But no real weight loss this week, so I’m going to continue to do it this week  and watch what my blood sugars  do. I’m reading The Obesity Code, by Dr. Jason Fung. He explains about fasting and how to beat this problem with my weight. If you have a chance to read it, I recommend it highly.

It is very frustrating at times, as I was telling my brother this week. I can be so strict, and then just one meal sets me back. This shows me how metabolically  damaged I am. We can go about damaging our bodies for years, and not even know it, then BAM!! it hits. I remember in my 30’s I dropped weight so easily, and go into shape. Boy I miss those days!  But don’t cry for me Argentina! (lame movie quote) I am sticking with it! I told my best friend what choice do I have? Well I actually have 3.  1) stop and get sicker, 2) stop and get sicker and take more meds, or 3) keep fighting and moving forward. That is my choice, is it yours?

The choice is yours, what you will do with your health. Your doctor, is a guide, it’s your responsibility to find out what works for you and get after it! Do I get tired of having to watch what I eat ? Sure at times, but my way of eating really is simple, when I’m out for dinner  I order meats and veggies. At home, I cook dinner, and for lunch I take mine to work . So I save a lot more money this way.

What I have been trying to get across is to not give up, everything worth having is worth working for! If your struggling find like minded people to help support you. If your getting bored with your food options start looking for different recipes, lots of other blogs and pinterest is fab!

You are worth it!!

Love Dee

Time to Learn


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As I was contemplating this blog, I wasn’t sure what to really talk about. When this title came to me, it really smacked me. Have you ever asked yourself “when will I ever learn?” Of coarse you have , everyone has. We try to do things one way, then we slip back into our same common mistakes. Have you ever heard the expression , if you keep doing the same things over and over again, but  expecting different results? that is the definition of insanity. Yes?! But yet we continue doing that, Why? I think it’s that we are comfortable in our old ways. Even if it turns out bad, and we know it will. This can be applied to all aspects of our lives, but for our purposes here, I am going to apply this to the way we eat.

I went to my nephews wedding this weekend, with every intention of sticking to my way of eating. I bought some sugar free chocolates  so that when everyone was having cake I wouldn’t feel deprived, that worked.  But what I forgot about was eating dinner right before going, I didn’t know what they were having,  I waited to long and just went to the wedding ill prepared. It turns out my nephew is a real Prim and had a nacho bar!  Ok so far that really wasn’t to bad, I could have just eaten the things on there that I know I could, but do you think I did? Well don’t answer that, I’ll tell you, I loaded my plate up with chips then beans and all the other wonderful foods, that I normally can eat. But they also had  and chicken empanadas and quesadillas.  Yeah I’d say I went a little over bored.

In my thinking I thought I was doing pretty good, I had decided to fast the day before and I’d be good! Not so obi wan, I am too metabolically damaged at this point. I have to stay very strict and continue to heal my body, which is my goal. Does this mean that I can never have nachos again, noooo , but right now I need to stay focused. So today I learned, that I still have a lot to to repair and to stay the coarse. I know I’ll still have set backs, but that’s okay, I’ll just take it  as it comes.

What I do what to encourage you is to have someone you can talk with, someone that will be honest with you, and not just tell you what you want to hear. I have people like that in my life and we all need that. If you have any questions, about my way of eating, please feel free to ask, I always want to be of help to anyone.

Many Blessings! Dee

Fasting anyone?


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So needless to say I am getting desperate; I  am going  to see my endocrinologist this Thursday, and he told me 4 months ago if i didn’t lose weight, he was going to put me on a shot that is for my insulin resistance. Now mind you I  know I can say no to that, but I also want to get healthy, that is why I’m considering it. As I have been telling you I am doing intermittent fasting. In which I do not eat from dinner the night before until lunch the next day; about 16 hours. My good friend Rebecca Latham, who is an author and an amazing researcher into her own health; this is the kind of lady that takes her health seriously and checks stuff out .She has been doing this feast or fast, in order to bring her insulin resistance down , and control blood sugars and her weight. Shes into 52 days of a 90 day experiment. I’ll attach a link to her blog it’s very interesting.http://lowcarbbetterhealth.blogspot.com/2016/02/day-52-2016-weight-loss-and-blood.html. I got on the phone with her and picked her brain about what she’s doing. So I started it this week. I have to say I messed up at first I ended up fasting for almost 2 whole days! Yes that was a shock to my system;but my blood sugar seemed to really enjoy it, it dropped to an all time low of 84 while fasting!! YOOWOO!!!! So I talked with her again and revamped what I am suppose to be doing and made sure I completely understood. And my stomach is pleased to say it has not had to go with out. I have lost 1 lb, since last week, but more importantly my blood sugars are doing better post meals! So we shall see what this week come!.

I also wanted to share a couple of new recipes I did this week. This first one is my own creation I’ll call it Cabbage and Brats

1 head of cabbage chopped up

1/2 onion chopped

8 brat links chopped into bite size pieces ( I like a lot of meat)

1 1/2 teaspoons coriander

1 teaspoons celery seed

2 teaspoons garlic powder

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 bottle of dark beer

Now take the cabbage and onion place in a large pan add fat, I used bacon grease, but you can use coconut oil. start that cooking, when the cabbage starts to cook down throw in the brats. When they look like they’re almost done. Throw in the spices, mix it well, then add the beer. Cover with a lid and cook for about 20 more minutes until the cabbage is tender and the brats are done. Yummy yummy! This was a hit!

Ok and now for this one, this is not mine it is a Boston Cream Cheesecake, and I must say it was wonderful. Next time I make it though I will make a thinner crust and either use the swerve that she recommends( I used Spenda) or add more Splenda.

Boston Cream Cheesecake


Have a great week! Be kind to yourself, you only have one!


Happy V day!!!!


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Well hey y’all! How is your valentines going? Are you saying it was great I didn’t eat all that candy, or are you saying well tomorrow is Monday, start again? Well either way Lets get at it! A friend in another group coined the phrase Decide,Commit,Succeed! I love that! Each day, that is what we need to do, sometimes it can seem like each meal we need to make this choice. But that is ok, we live in  real life situations. Sometimes it seems like we have everything planned, and BAM something derails us. I said this earlier in my Facebook page, we are not failures, only if we try it!

This week has been a very tough and emotional week for me, I did not cave in eating, I am normally a very emotional eater, but I chose not to express my feeling in this way.  I have stuck for 2 weeks doing my intermittent fasting, and was rewarded with a 4 lbs lost this week! So hey I was happy!!  Then, ( insert sad face here) I ended up blowing my eating plan. My hubby and I had planned to go see Deadpool for our  Valentines present; we were going to a theater that served you at your seat!! Yeah baby!! I had it all planned I was going to order a burger dog!! Ok so your asking “what the heck?” Don’t know it til you’ve had it. Its a wonderful invention, a hug burger with a hot dog on the bottom and on the top, with cheese and bacon!!  Then Saturday morning  I woke up with tummy issues, and ended up living on saltines and chicken noodle soup. And if you don’t know I eat a ketogenic diet, which that doesn’t includes saltines or noodles. But let me tell  you, this was what I needed to eat, not what I wanted, so I ate it.  So my prince ended up getting my burger, and I munched crackers.This is what I mean when  I say  things don’t always work right. Now today is another day, I feel so much better and I am back on plan.

So week three, get back to the gym!! I am still recovering from my knee surgery, but I need to help it out more. Exercise is a very good way to handle stress, and it makes you feel better. I totally believe that weight loss is 80% nutrition, and 20% exercise. That being said get up and move!! Strength training is beneficial to your body. It increases your muscle and burns fat longer and better, the more muscle you put on the better for your fat burning mode.  Right now all I get to do is ride the bike. When I get off the bike, I’m sore, but I do fell better physically and emotionally when I go. What do we want to do!!?? Get Moving!!!!! I don’t care where your fitness level is, just start and go somewhere. Consult your Dr, if you have health problems first. Start out slow, but and least start!

Everyone take this week, try something new, I use to use some hypnosis for relaxation, and I’m going back to that. I also am going to get back to crocheting for stress release at night. What are you going to do? Leave a comment and tell me what helps you to de-stress.  And remember DECIDE,COMMIT, SUCCEED!!!

Doing better!


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Hey all, this has been a good week! No I haven’t lost any weight!! So now you may ask why am I so happy? Well I stuck to my plan! As a  matter of fact, I started doing intermittent fasting. And what is that? Well that’s when you don’t eat breakfast, at least I’m not. I stop eating the night before by 7 pm, and then I don’t eat again between 11 and 1. If I’m very hungry I eat by 11, if not , I’ll eat later. Then I eat dinner between 5 and 7, depending on when I get home.  So the purpose of this is to help my body reduce my insulin resistance. I am what doctors call “pre diabetic”, but everyone who has diabetes knows there’s no such thing. I just have a great chance of stopping this in its tracks, before I end up on insulin. Which is the funny thing, I have plenty of insulin, it just doesn’t know what to do! Every time I eat, my body floods with insulin, which is normal, but it produces to much, because my body can’t process it correctly, hence insulin resistance. So by doing the intermittent fasting, I am restricting the amount of insulin that floods my body; I hopefully will bring my insulin levels back into normal ranges, and then my body will release the fat!! I can tell you my blood sugar levels are doing so much better this week, so that is a plus. When it’s time for me to eat, I’m hungry but not starving. I do eat half my macros that are required for the day, then get the other half at dinner.  It’s kinda nice not worrying what I’m going to eat.  I prepared my lunch for the week tonight, so I am set.

I also was able to go to the gym 3 times this week. I didn’t feel that I had accomplished much, all I did was ride the bike for 20 minutes at no resistance. I am trying to get my knee use to working  out again. The first day both knees hurt all day, but by Friday my good knee, felt a lot better. So here’s to another week progressing!

Just remember your not a failure if you try and mess up, you fail if you don’t get back up, and accept the things that you can change! It’s your life make it healthy!

Well It’s a been aweek


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I can honestly say I am glad that last week is over with. Whewwwwww!!!!! I ate on plan, until Friday night, my birthday. The only thing I ate off was I had some nachos. Everything else was good. On Sunday I did eat some sugar free chocolate chips! That was the extent of my off plan celebrations for my birthday. No cake, no ice cream, no pie! SO I didn’t feel that I had hurt anything. I get on the scale today and I’m up 3 lbs!! This getting healthy and losing weight sometimes is very frustrating.

I talked to  my best friend about it, and decided I had two options; one stick with it, or two give up and get fatter and sicker. Well I hope you  know I choose number 1!. Even though my progress may be up and down, I do feel so much better than when I use to eat the old way.

I will do some tweaking and making sure that I am logging everything, and I really need to get my water  in. I went back to the gym today! Yay me!!! My knee’s didn’t like it, but it was a beginning. And that’s where we all have to start. If you’ve been telling yourself, I need to, I have to, I’m going to. Well just do it! Get your self up and start moving, anything is better than just sitting on the coach watching t.v. I rode the bike for 20 min, I’m glad I did and I’m going back tomorrow. I want my knees to get better along with the rest of me.

Stop looking at yourself and saying I can’t, and start saying I can! Be kind to youself and especially your body, it’s a gift that we are still here, and we need to cherish this give of life we have!

Have a great week!


What a week!


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Well I can say it has been a week! I have done pretty good, I had a couple of days that I didn’t feel well; tummy issues. SO I ended up having saltines, now you may say “hey that’s not low carb!” Yes I know that! But what’s a girl to eat when her tummy whats to leave the building? I also didn’t get my water in at all, I failed miserably. There were days that I didn’t drink any water. That is a bad thing, your body needs water, and no not just the colored kind, I.E soda, tea, coffee.

So now its Saturday, I had a rough night last night but I’ve felt pretty good today, so I made my own crackers. I made Salt and pepper crackers by https://elanaspantry.com/salt-and-pepper-crackers/    They are good, plain, would work if your tummy acts up, they would be good with a cheese spread or cheese slices also. I also made Coconut flour crackers by http://freecoconutrecipes.com/coconut-flour-cheese-crackers/. These are very good cheesy, like a chez it. The name of these crackers do not do them justice.

I’ve tried a few other recipes this week, and tried to tweak my eating. I have decided if I plan out dinner the night before, and then in the morning I go ahead and plan my day in my fitness pal, I stay on track. I haven’t lost any weight this week, but I believe I am losing some inches. I wore a pair of pants, I couldn’t close when I bought them last year! That progress! We only ate out once this week and that seems to help a lot. My goal for the week is to increase my water to 64 ounces a day, I don’t know about you but it’s cold here and I drink a lot more coffee then. And I’m going to try to go to the gym also! I took a spill on the ice we got this week, which wasn’t fun, considering I just had knee surgery 6 weeks ago. I feel those are to attainable goals. What are you going to do? Whatever it is set yourself up to win, have the right attitude and if you don’t talk to someone who does!

Cool beans!!!!   DEBBIE